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I’ve heard the saying that goes “the best camera in the world is the one you have with you”, which oftentimes is just my phone. Even when I’m carrying a full SLR or two with me, I’ll still take my phone out and take pictures, to the amusement of people around me.

Below are some photos I took in Paris on a recent trip there.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 1

On this flight, I was required to check all of my camera gear, so the only camera I had was my phone. This is a moment that wouldn’t have been captured otherwise.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 3

Blog 2013 instagramparis 14

Often some of the photos I take are relevant in the moment, but having a small, ubiquitous camera allows for capturing images that have a feel all of their own, a feeling of spontaneity. If I were to take a full DSLR out, meter, get the settings right, the moment would be over. Sometimes, there are just situations where it’s just not really appropriate to whip out a 5D.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 9

Sometimes I just like the aesthetic, and the instant filters available. Half the time I can have a polished, processed image right away, something I’d be happy with if I had later edited the image with the computer.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 5

Blog 2013 instagramparis 12

Blog 2013 instagramparis 6

And other images I don’t think I’d have bothered to take out a DSLR to shoot, but in the moment, seemed like an interesting composition, and later, I was glad I did.

These I took while bored and waiting for a train:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 15

Blog 2013 instagramparis 7

These I took because it didn’t seem appropriate to take out my DSLR at the time, although in hindsight I wish I had:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 22

Blog 2013 instagramparis 18

I think the “tilt-shift” filter can be super cheesy sometimes, but when used in certain contexts, has a really nice effect:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 13

And, of course, I seem to have a strange obsession with stairs.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 19

Blog 2013 instagramparis 16

Blog 2013 instagramparis 8

You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see my phonecam images as I take them.

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Happy Earth Day http://blog.halbergman.com/2011/04/23/happy-earth-day.html http://blog.halbergman.com/2011/04/23/happy-earth-day.html#respond Sat, 23 Apr 2011 23:27:30 +0000 http://rasterbation.net/2011/04/23/happy-earth-day.html I guess Earth Day was technically yesterday. No matter, Andy and I stumbled on a lovely toxic dumping ground a couple of hours ago, just east of Cut Bank, Montana. I shot with the 5DII, but I shot these with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. I rather like how they look, so here you go.

From afar it was an interesting visual trope, but up close it was a mess of mud and snow, with bits of crunchy plastic and rusty metal sticking out.
A leaning and long neglected sign identified it as a recycling yard, but we were in the middle of nowhere. It was sandwiched between the highway and a pair of railroad tracks. A solitary pickup truck passing by and a jogger who looked to be having a very long run were the only people we saw.
Empty drums of who knows what horribly toxic petrochemical lay in piles, some rusted, some horribly dented. “Caution: corrosive” was legible on many of the labels.
A slow moving freight train broke the depressing quiet and we decided to get back in the car and keep making our way East. Andy picked up a broken shard of plastic and used it to scrape the thick mud off of his shoes before tossing it back into a rusty pile of appliances and tires. “You’re a part of the problem” I said sarcastically. We both knew that there wasn’t anything we could do.




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