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Container Shipping

16 Sep

Blog 2014 09 16 containers 7

I spent some time in the Port of Los Angeles recently shooting shipping containers.

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These giant boxes are fascinating, they get loaded up at the manufacturer and can be carried by truck, boat, or train anywhere in the world, and only need to be unpacked at their final destination.

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The Port of Los Angeles is the largest container port in North America and handles tens of thousands of these containers daily.

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After coming off of a ship, they are put on trucks for local delivery, or put on trains and shipped by land anywhere in North America.

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California Timelapse Compilation

4 Sep

┬áCalifornia is the most populated state in the United States, and the third largest. It’s almost double the size of the United Kingdom and slightly larger than Japan. If it was it’s own independent country (as it was briefly for a few weeks in 1846), it would have the 8th largest economy in the world by GDP.

Blog 2014 09 04 california 5Blog 2014 09 04 california 6

It contains the highest summit and the lowest desert in the Continental United States (and the second-lowest point in the world), both of which are in the same county.

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It’s most known for movies, technology, wine, and national parks, but also grows more than a third of the vegetables consumed in the US, two-thirds of the fruits and nuts, and an unknown but presumably huge percentage of marijuana.

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It contains every major climatological biome except tundra. More important than those facts, to me, is that I was born and spent most of my life here.

Blog 2014 09 04 california 8

My goal was to cram all of the visually stunning things about the entire state, from coastline to mountains to deserts, from cities to wilderness and national parks, into four minutes. I intended to use as a pitch for work from the California Board of Tourism, but now I’m sharing it publicly.

Blog 2014 09 04 california 13

The average clip took 1-3 hours to film and another 3-10 hours to edit. Several cuts are from clips more than 24 hours long. I shot 423 clips over four years to make this, but the majority of the 67 clips ultimately used were shot in the last 12 months.

Blog 2014 09 04 california 7

The music is “Intense Rocks” by Sebastian Watzinger, licensed from Audiosocket.

Most of the individual clips are available for license via Getty Images, Dissolve, or directly. Many of them feature in the Magic Window timelapse screensaver for Mac.

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Paris When it Drizzles

1 Sep

At the end of 2013, I’d been living with my now-wife’s family in Yorkshire, England. With my 30th birthday quickly approaching in January, she asked me what I wanted to do for the occasion. “I want to have sushi for dinner”, I had decided. I’ve done this every year on my birthday since I was a kid. With there not being very many options for Japanese food in Northern England, our plans evolved to the point where we’d decided to spend a week in Paris. I took all the camera gear the Eurostar would allow me to cram on board (the timelapse dolly kept in a ski bag, as skis travel for free), and so spent the week filming time lapses in Paris’ rainy January weather.

Blog 2014 09 01 paris 1

After a few days of carrying camera gear around in the rain, Lizzy asked me “Do you really want to spend your whole birthday trip filming stuff?” I paused, thought about this question for a second, and replied “Yes. Yes I do,” before clamping my 6D to a metal guard rail on the roof of Printemps.

Blog 2014 09 01 paris 3

Blog 2014 09 01 paris 4

And yes, we did eat sushi on my birthday.

All but a few of these clips were shot in one week in January of 2014. A small handful were shot on a previous trip to Paris in October of 2012.

Music: “Wreck Beach” by Sean Bayntun

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Blog 2014 09 01 paris 5