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Frankfurt Flughafen (Airport)

25 Apr

I recently had a short layover in Frankfurt, and wandered around and took a few photos while I was waiting for my flight back to the United States.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 3

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 4

At one point, I hung out and waited for other travelers to walk past this sign, which I thought was visually intriguing.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 5

I don’t have much to add to this post, but I just found the airport to be one of the more photogenic airports I’ve had the opportunity to travel through.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 2

Also, despite it being a new and modern airport, they still have the analog flippy departure boards, which are really cool to watch update:

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 1

StoopidTall, the tallest bicycle in Los Angeles

22 Apr

This past Sunday, I joined a quarter of a million other Los Angeles residents for CicLAvia, and rode my bicycle with a handful of friends from where I live in Downtown out to Venice Beach. CicLAvia is pretty well covered around the internet, so I won’t elaborate too much, other than: it was awesome, if a little too popular for it’s own good, and definitely needs to happen more often and run later.

When I got to Venice, I met up with several other friends, including my good friend, colleague, and extremely taleted cinematographer Richie Trimble. Riche had, only the day before, completed building a new bicycle from scratch, albeit one that was 14.5 feet (4.5 meters) tall.

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike instagram 1

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike 1

Note that the other two bicycles behind Richie are other “tall bikes”, albeit ones of standard size made from two bicycle frames welded together.

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike 4

I can’t imagine it would be possible to build a bicycle any taller and still ride it. As we rode around Venice and Marina Del Rey, Richie was constantly ducking under bridges and power lines only a few inches over his head.

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike instagram 2

At some points, other riders would ride ahead and clear pedestrians and vehicles out of the way to make a path, so Richie could ride under parts of obstacles that had more clearance.

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike 5

Blog 2013 04 22 tallbike 7

I’m sure you’re thinking “how does he get off?” “How does he stop?”. These are all very good and valid questions, so I will direct you to this very fine video, shot by Richie himself from the GoPro strapped to his chest. If you think it’s scary to see photos *of* the bicycle being ridden, you should see the view from the driver’s seat from the man himself:

Tahoe Blue

17 Apr

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 1

A few weeks ago, Josh and I shipped Tahoe Blue, basically a Lake Tahoe version of Magic Window, which is a live desktop and screensaver for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Our timelapse demo video has been making the rounds today (thanks LaughingSquid and San Francisco Chronicle!), and I realized I never posted it on my own blog. So here’s the video:

Editing was done by Josh, and the music is Justin Lassen.

For those who have been following this blog for awhile (basically four of you according to my web statistics. Hi mom!), you may remember this post from 2011, where I chronicled locking ourselves in a cabin to write code and get our shit together. We shot about 20% of that video on that trip, so I thought I’d include some behind-the-scenes photos of the project.

All the equipment used to shoot it:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 6

Josh working away on the software-side of things:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 12

The camera running all-the-while:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 21

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 10

“That’s a nice view”:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 17

Sunset at Sand Harbor:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 15

View from a highway turnout we found on the Southern Nevada side:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 2

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 3

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 20

Moonset from Sand Harbor:

Blog 2013 04 17 tahoeblue 16


Ken Hill

11 Apr

I did a photoshoot with the amazingly talented Kenneth Hill several months ago at my studio in Los Angeles. I had some electricians in at the time doing some work that took a whole lot longer than I expected, so we didn’t wind up using the studio part at all.

This was shot on the building’s fire escape:

Blog 2013 kenhill 1


And a few in my living room:

Blog 2013 kenhill 3

Blog 2013 kenhill 2

Blog 2013 kenhill 4

And then a few on the balcony, in front of a typical, bright Los Angeles sunset:

Blog 2013 kenhill 5

Blog 2013 kenhill 7

Blog 2013 kenhill 6

That final image was picked by one of my editors and appeared on iStockphoto’s homepage for a few months after that:


Thanks Ken! Let’s do it again!

Instagram From Paris

9 Apr

I’ve found myself defending my use of Instagram to other photographers.

I’ve heard the saying that goes “the best camera in the world is the one you have with you”, which oftentimes is just my phone. Even when I’m carrying a full SLR or two with me, I’ll still take my phone out and take pictures, to the amusement of people around me.

Below are some photos I took in Paris on a recent trip there.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 1

On this flight, I was required to check all of my camera gear, so the only camera I had was my phone. This is a moment that wouldn’t have been captured otherwise.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 3

Blog 2013 instagramparis 14

Often some of the photos I take are relevant in the moment, but having a small, ubiquitous camera allows for capturing images that have a feel all of their own, a feeling of spontaneity. If I were to take a full DSLR out, meter, get the settings right, the moment would be over. Sometimes, there are just situations where it’s just not really appropriate to whip out a 5D.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 9

Sometimes I just like the aesthetic, and the instant filters available. Half the time I can have a polished, processed image right away, something I’d be happy with if I had later edited the image with the computer.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 5

Blog 2013 instagramparis 12

Blog 2013 instagramparis 6

And other images I don’t think I’d have bothered to take out a DSLR to shoot, but in the moment, seemed like an interesting composition, and later, I was glad I did.

These I took while bored and waiting for a train:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 15

Blog 2013 instagramparis 7

These I took because it didn’t seem appropriate to take out my DSLR at the time, although in hindsight I wish I had:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 22

Blog 2013 instagramparis 18

I think the “tilt-shift” filter can be super cheesy sometimes, but when used in certain contexts, has a really nice effect:

Blog 2013 instagramparis 13

And, of course, I seem to have a strange obsession with stairs.

Blog 2013 instagramparis 19

Blog 2013 instagramparis 16

Blog 2013 instagramparis 8

You can follow me on Instagram if you want to see my phonecam images as I take them.

Super 8 Camera

5 Apr

I borrowed a really neat vintage Super-8 camera from my friends at the Hand Prop Room, a massive warehouse full of all kinds of film and TV props. It covers two floors, and has everything you’d need to make a room look like the 1970’s, or to make a team of dozens of unthreatening extras look like a police SWAT team with assault rifles.

No SWAT team today, but I thought this old handheld movie camera looked pretty neat, so I took it back to the studio and spent a few hours lighting and shooting it.

Blog 2013 super8camera 1

Up-close with a tilt-shit lens:

Blog 2013 super8camera 2

I love the little details, like the visible shutter in this lens, and the etched-in focusing points. It’s got the same aesthetic as a Swiss watch, except it’s a bit grungy with age.

Blog 2013 super8camera 3

Japanese Vehicles

2 Apr

Now, on to some backlogged travel posts.

I got to spend a month in Japan last year, and I got to looking through a lot of the photos I’d taken there. I’m going to make a few unconventional posts, starting with this one, of the random things I’d noticed walking around while I was there.

It took me awhile to realize it, but I tend to photograph bicycles a lot. I do enjoy bicycling and tend to use a bicycle for my primary form of transportation when I’m not working, but there is also a nice pleasing aesthetic to bicycles as well. In older and/or denser cities, like those in Japan, much like Northern Europe, bicycles are the most practical form of transportation, and so bicycles tend to be utilitarian and designed with reliability in mind. We’re talking baskets, panniers, fenders, and chain guards.

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 4

The other thing I noticed, is that much unlike the US and Europe where bicycles tend to get stolen and are locked well, Japanese bicycles tend to be left unlocked, or at the most have a simple locking mechanism that locks the rear wheel to the frame. Petty theft just doesn’t seem to be an issue in Japan, and I’ve heard stories from friends there that have had lost wallets returned to them with cash still in them.

Bicycles more often than not seem to be left standing upright in their most convenient location.

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 6

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 13

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 10

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 17

There are, of course, also bicycles that have been tricked out to be unique and match the rider’s personality:

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 3

As with most dense cities, there was no shortage of motorized two-wheel vehicles, but they tended to be economical scooters. I didn’t see too many motorcycles, and the ones I saw were simple and small.

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 11

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 12

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 8

There were also lots of cars I hadn’t noticed anywhere else in the world, like this squashed-looking compact van in Kyoto that seemed to typify most of the cars I saw in Japan:

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 9

 Or this typical taxi cab:

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 7

Interestingly, every cab in Japan has a little button that the driver can press to automatically open and close the rear door. Upon returning to the states, I stood in front of a cab for several long seconds before realizing that the door wasn’t going to open automatically for me.

Blog 2013 japanese vehicles 18

Japanese taxis also seem to have their side mirrors placed really far forward, and I never asked why.

I’m Back

2 Apr

Just a quick update to apologize for letting the blog languish for a year. I fell off the wagon, and then the blog got hacked, and I procrastinated for a long time on fixing it because honestly I didn’t know -how- to do it. Half a day of learning new things about WordPress later, it seems to be working again, and better than I left it.

I don’t have too much travel coming up in the near future, but I’m going to keep the blog going with photos and adventures that I’ve missed blogging about in the last year. There’s some good stuff in there.

8295276567 9718026c54 k

Above: the view from my Downtown Los Angeles studio balcony just after sunset on 12-21-12.

Also, if you aren’t already, I held off for entirely too long, but about six months ago I signed up for an Instagram account. You can now follow me there as well.