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Lake Tahoe Coding Retreat

1 Sep

For the last week, I’ve been holed up in a cabin in Tahoe with Josh Michaels, Michael Ang, and Moshen Chan.  They’ve dubbed it “Coding Man”, as the three of them typically go to Burning Man every year but decided to skip it this year to hole up in the Sierra Nevadas and crank out code.

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We’ve done a little bit of hiking, and I’ve shot a few timelapses up here, but for me, it’s been a break from traveling so that I can sit down and focus on work I need to get done at the computer. It’s work I can do anywhere, but this is a beautiful place, and it’ll do just fine.

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Josh and Mang have been working on getting the new versions of Magic Window for the Mac and iPad/iPhone out, while Moshen works on his app (and Magic Window’s sister app), Living Earth.  Let me tell you, it’s going to be a killer update.  I’ve been going through all the content I’ve shot in the last five months (I’ve shot almost 100 timelapses) and preparing 20 new scenes for the new updates. Once this is done, I can start over again gathering even more content for the next updates.

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The only irony in the situation is watching three programmers who make their living writing relaxation apps get frustrated and swear at their computers and iPads every half hour or so, while completely surrounded by the type of “relaxing” aspirational lifestyle we sell to our customers.

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C’est la vie.