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Frankfurt Flughafen (Airport)

25 Apr

I recently had a short layover in Frankfurt, and wandered around and took a few photos while I was waiting for my flight back to the United States.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 3

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 4

At one point, I hung out and waited for other travelers to walk past this sign, which I thought was visually intriguing.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 5

I don’t have much to add to this post, but I just found the airport to be one of the more photogenic airports I’ve had the opportunity to travel through.

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 2

Also, despite it being a new and modern airport, they still have the analog flippy departure boards, which are really cool to watch update:

Blog 2013 frankfurtairport 1