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Whiskytown Lake

15 Apr

This will be my first “What I’m up to” post.

Currently, I’m sitting on the top of a rocky bluff next to Whiskytown Lake.  It’s about an hour West of the town of Redding in Northern California.

2011 04 15 whiskytownlake 9

Here’s my “mobile office”, where I’m writing from right now:

2011 04 15 whiskytownlake 7

I shot these photos with a cool app for my iPhone called Hipstamatic.

I have a Verizon USB EVDO card, so I can essentially connect to the internet anywhere there is cell service.  It’s a bit slow out here, but it works well enough to post to the blog.  Having a computer and internet access this far into what is essentially the remote wilderness seems to be defeating the purpose a bit, but the beauty of it is that I can do my job from here.  Nothing is an escape, nothing is a vacation, but yet everything can be an escape and a vacation.

I’m out here shooting a timelapse for Magic Window, an iPad app/screensaver I shoot content for.  The camera has an intervalometer controlling it, so I get a few hours of “do nothing time” while I make sure that the camera keeps shooting and doesn’t get eaten by a bear or stolen.

2011 04 15 whiskytownlake 12

I moved out of my apartment in San Francisco on April 1st, spent a few days in Los Angeles getting some work done, and then the last ten days in Tahoe clearing through my backlog of stock submissions and getting a few more days of skiing in.  A few days ago, my friend Andrew Avitt met up with me, and we drove North from Tahoe through the Sierra Nevadas, and recently cut West.

2011 04 11 whiskytownlake 3


2011 04 14 whiskytownlake 5

We’re heading to the coast, and then up to Portland and Seattle.  From there, we’re heading across the Northern Midwest to Chicago, where I’ll hop on a train back to Los Angeles.  After that, who knows.