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NYC Sunrise

5 Jul

So, I’m back on the blogging bandwagon.  Lots and lots to write about, but before that, I’d like to put up an “easy post”, and fill you in on my travels.

Since the beginning of April, I’ve spent four days in Los Angeles, two weeks in Tahoe, took a road trip from there up to Portland and Seattle and then across to Chicago, which was right about when my last post was.  In Chicago I boarded an Amtrak and headed to LA, with a quick stop in Santa Fe to visit my aunt and uncle.  I spent a month in LA, headed up to San Francisco for a week to put together the Future/Canvas opening party (more on that in another post), flew back to LA for 48 hours to shoot at Dave Taylor’s E3 party, and then boarded a plane to Austin, Texas.  I spent nine days in Austin shooting content for Magic Window and working with the team on the new Android version, and then flew to New York City.

I’ve done some other stuff since then which I’ll fill you in on, but here are some photos from a sunrise on the East River:

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