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Audi Ride Manhattan

6 Jul

About six months ago, I had a rented mini cooper for a day. When I was done using it for it’s utilitarian purpose of personal transportation, I mounted a still camera and intervalometer to it and drove it around San Francisco for a couple of hours. The resulting time lapse scene (originally shot as a test) proved popular enough that Josh and I decided that I needed to gather more moving vehicle scenes for a potential Magic Window aftermarket scene pack.

On my last day in New York City, I rented an Audi A3 and drove it around Manhattan. I tried attaching the camera to different places on the car to see what would work best. The final scene won’t make it to Magic Window for at least a few months, but in the mean time I processed the time lapse scenes out and cut them to some music in Final Cut Pro. Here’s the result:

And, for comparison, here’s the “Mini Ride” scene: