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Las Vegas

3 Aug

I left Las Vegas last week…  I’ve actually been in Los Angeles catching up on work. I’ve been neglecting my blog and so I need to get caught back up.

Timelapse lasvegas easthillssunset 000001Timelapse lasvegas easthillssunset 001301Timelapse lasvegas easthillssunset 001901Timelapse lasvegas easthillssunset 002101

All of these are frames from timelapses that will eventually be in a future Magic Window update. I haven’t been shooting many individual photos, just a few thousand at a time. I need to get back in the habit of shooting stills during my travels as well.

Timelapse lasvegas mgmsidewalk 000301

Timelapse lasvegas strip ceasars 000101Timelapse lasvegas strip citycenter 000101Timelapse lasvegas strip planethollywood 000401

The trip culminated in a 17-hour stretch of shooting, starting with the view from the hills at the beginning of the post, moving to shooting on the strip all night (above), and ending in shooting the sunrise at the Hoover Dam.

The last shoot of the trip was shooting the timelapse below from a rooftop bar, while sipping $16 cocktails. Not a bad way to end a super-busy trip to Vegas.

Timelapse lasvegas thehotel 000201

Timelapse lasvegas thehotel 000501

Timelapse lasvegas thehotel 000701

Timelapse lasvegas thehotel 000901