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iPhone Tracking Log

23 Jul

Back in April, it had been pretty widely reported that the iPhone was tracking it’s own movements. A log was kept of the GPS coordinate of every cell tower that the phone had ever connected to, for some reason.

Apple fixed this “bug” in a new update of iOS that’s been around awhile, but I haven’t bothered to update until now. I’ve been on the road since April, and I haven’t wanted to use precious bandwidth downloading a 600MB+ iPhone update.

Also being that I’ve been traveling a lot, I figured that my tracking log would actually be pretty interesting. I ran the iPhoneTracker application, and came up with this map that shows my travels since I bought my iPhone 4 a little over a year ago:

It’s creepily accurate… most of my time was spent in LA, San Francisco, or New York, with frequent stops in Portland, Seattle, Austin, and Chicago. It also shows the routes of several long-distance Amtrak routes (Coast Starlight, Cascades, Southwest Chief, Acela/Northwest Corridor, Ethan Allen Express, and Capitol Limited for those curious), and a half-dozen or so various road trips.

Pretty cool.