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Oregon Coast

20 Aug

Last week Josh and I drove from Portland, Oregon down to San Francisco, back along the coast route. The plan was to put together a whole Magic Window pack in two days, beating our record of shooting the whole Las Vegas pack in four. (And before that, the New York City pack in five).

We got some great content. I’d have loved to spend more time shooting more sunset and sunrise scenes, but I’m really thrilled with what we got.

Here’s frames from the rest of the take:

Timelapse oregoncoast newport 000801

Timelapse oregoncoast newport 001001

Timelapse oregoncoast walesheadbeach 000001

Timelapse oregoncoast meyerscreekbeach 000301

Timelapse oregoncoast archrockpoint 000101

Timelapse oregoncoast goldbeach 000401