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Traveling With the Band

7 Jul

For the last week, I’ve been on tour with a band from San Francisco called Alma Desnuda. I met up with them in Chicago, got on Patricia, their 45′ modified school bus, and we’ll be working our way West to California for two more weeks.

This is Patricia.



Since boarding the bus, they’ve played shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. In a few days we’ll work our way across the Dakotas to Montana.



Working on the bus can be a bit of a challenge. The power inverter is often unreliable and 3G coverage in the rural Midwest can be spotty at best. Sometimes on a tour stop the media crew will literally take over several tables at the bar or venue to get much needed power and bandwidth, this while being exhausted after a 7-hour drive.


Otherwise, touring with a band is an amazing experience. I’ll be posting a lot more photos and video to this blog and theirs in the coming days and weeks.

Saugerties Bridge

7 Jul

Another timelapse I shot during my brief stopover in upstate New York last week:

Audi Ride Manhattan

6 Jul

About six months ago, I had a rented mini cooper for a day. When I was done using it for it’s utilitarian purpose of personal transportation, I mounted a still camera and intervalometer to it and drove it around San Francisco for a couple of hours. The resulting time lapse scene (originally shot as a test) proved popular enough that Josh and I decided that I needed to gather more moving vehicle scenes for a potential Magic Window aftermarket scene pack.

On my last day in New York City, I rented an Audi A3 and drove it around Manhattan. I tried attaching the camera to different places on the car to see what would work best. The final scene won’t make it to Magic Window for at least a few months, but in the mean time I processed the time lapse scenes out and cut them to some music in Final Cut Pro. Here’s the result:


Brooklyn Bridge Sunrise Timelapse

5 Jul

In following with my last post, here’s a timelapse I shot on the Brooklyn Bridge that same morning:

NYC Sunrise

5 Jul

So, I’m back on the blogging bandwagon.  Lots and lots to write about, but before that, I’d like to put up an “easy post”, and fill you in on my travels.

Since the beginning of April, I’ve spent four days in Los Angeles, two weeks in Tahoe, took a road trip from there up to Portland and Seattle and then across to Chicago, which was right about when my last post was.  In Chicago I boarded an Amtrak and headed to LA, with a quick stop in Santa Fe to visit my aunt and uncle.  I spent a month in LA, headed up to San Francisco for a week to put together the Future/Canvas opening party (more on that in another post), flew back to LA for 48 hours to shoot at Dave Taylor’s E3 party, and then boarded a plane to Austin, Texas.  I spent nine days in Austin shooting content for Magic Window and working with the team on the new Android version, and then flew to New York City.

I’ve done some other stuff since then which I’ll fill you in on, but here are some photos from a sunrise on the East River:

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LAX Theme Building

1 Jul

Short little timelapse I shot in Los Angeles last month: